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And then grading begins to build channels for soaking the sand.

In the beginning, all 40 acres of the Over The Line courts on Fiesta Island bask in the sun looking just like they will in October after the castle is dismantled.

The sand on Fiesta Island, a few feet below the surface, is loaded with a thick layer of sea shells. These will be painstakingly sifted from the sand on the surface of the castle, but remain in the solid core.
Then sea water is pumped from the bay and soaks through the sand only to return to its ocean home, leaving the sand just damp enough for compacting.

Frank Wright supervises the earth movers about to start the process of piling the wet sand into the sixty foot high mound that will become the Lost City of Atlantis.

Frank's son Scott will drive some of the heavy equipment including bull dozers and water trucks.
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